Monday, November 12, 2012

Love Notes Special Edition ~ Emerging from Sandy

It is time to rally together.  It is time to spread a little bit of love and hope through the mail to someone who needs the support.  It is time to let others know that we care, that they are thought about and not forgotten, that even though they are suffering they will make it through.  It is time. 

Sandy devestated a lot of the East coast and many individuals and families are still suffering.  Devestation brings along despair, hopelessness, and feeling like you are alone.  We do not want people to feel that way.  Collectivly we can shine a little bit of light on their tired and weary souls.  We can let them know they are not alone. 

Are you up for the challenege of spreading a little bit of hope through the mail?  It is really simple to do.  Head on over to HERE to be a part of Love Notes Special Edition ~ Emerging from Sandy 

Do you know an individual or family who has been devestated by the storm?  Could they use a little hope note in the mail?  Head on over to HERE to provide there information so that we can get that note to them. 

Maybe you know of a shelter that is housing individuals who lost their homes.  They could surely use some love.  Please contact me at so that we can get some love notes to them as well. 

It is during these times that we must come together and help one another.  Even if it is something small.  The small things can mean the most.  Please join us in spreading some hope. 


Kathryn said...

I've just submitted my name . . . more than happy to send a 'love note' to someone that's been affected by Sandy.

Karen D said...

im in i filled out form. xox