Wednesday, December 02, 2009

pattern of life

Open my eyes
let them adjust to the darkness
I can see the pattern
of going nowhere fast
Always ending up in the same place
no matter how fast I run or how slow I walk
The destination always seems to be the same
gloomy when I look at it from this angel
Being in the moment and living it is not so bad
but when I already know the ending before I even finish the first chapter
why bother reading the book?
I already read a version of it before
No reason to suffer through the sadness as tears soak my cheeks
Maybe it is best to just put the book down and walk away until
I am ready to write a new ending


Alison said...

By far, my favorite piece I have read from you.

The journey is the reward.


beth said...

the climb can be amazingly tough...I'm there right now raising a teenager...but in the end, hopefully it will be worth every ounce of pain that is filling our hearts right now....

I'm holding your hand....

marilyn said... make words into pictures. you have an awesome talent. i'll say put the book in your back pocket, so it will be handy when you're ready to write that new ending.

do you remember those adventure books from years ago, where you could chose an ending? still works. and i will walk beside you, friend, if you need me

tricia said...

i always leave your blog feeling that i know you a little better each time and i always leave with my heart touched. you are a gem.

elizabeth said...

I like the idea of the Choose Your Own Adventure book with many many possible endings. Sometimes even when the ending seems the same, there is something just a little bit different about it.