Thursday, December 03, 2009


I feel like I am learning how to stand again
On my own two feet
with no one there to catch me if I fall

Carefully I take each step
Trying to be aware of what surrounds me
Listening closely to each sound

Standing is not always an easy thing to do
Sometimes it is easer to sit
and let it all pass by

But my soul yearns to stand,
To stand tall
and brave

I want to be seen
and understood

As I stand and look around
I notice I am not alone
Angels surround me and cheer me on

I am standing now
Taller than I ever stood before
and I will continue to reach and grow


patty said...

Jennifer, you are so amazingly insightful at your tender age. Keep on putting your thoughts out there and standing tall with the angels - they will hold you up guide you in the right direction!!

Kolleen said...

beautiful words my sweet brave girl!
wise wise wise words!!
i wish i knew all that you already know at your age...i wish i had that awareness!
love you TONS!!

loved your comment about my fruitcake question! and your traditions when you were young. thank you so much for sharing with me!

beth said...

I am one of your angels...
always watching, always there to catch you if you slip a little and always there to cheer you on....always !

elizabeth said...

I am cheering you on.


deb did it said...

strong words from a very wise heart

chrissy said...

oh my dear beautiful brave scarf sister.
i love your words. you are brave, and i am also one of those cheering you on.
i can't tell you how you made my week! thank you just doesn't do it justice my dear, but thank you!
i love your heart!
keep sharing it!
all my love,

p.s. i left you a little note on my blog.