Thursday, December 10, 2009


You have wings
Beautiful expanding wings
You fly freely
Gliding through the breeze
Soaring where ever you may

You have strength
Strength to rise up and spread those wings
I can see it in your eyes
And the way you carry yourself when you walk
Your strength cast out a radiant light

You are brave
You let people in
And let the world see you, all of you
You smile when you are happy
And shed tears when you are sad

You are kind
Showing a compassion towards others
Understanding and listening
You get to the heart and soul of someone else
You see someone for who they are

You are beautiful
A breathe of fresh air
Continue to keep dreaming
and reaching for the stars
It is your light that will guide you


marilyn said...

my my my. more splendid words and feelings and love. you are a wonder! You just have a gift for saying all the right things at the right times. You. it is YOU. thanks again for sharing your gift. love you

beth said... are !

Kolleen said...

that is YOU!
these words are so beautiful...i read them three times...and will go back for more!!

you inspire me always and i feel all the love you have to share!!

so glad i know you and so glad you are my friend!

elizabeth said...

this is you. so inspiring. your light inspires others.

thank you for your sweet comment on my blog - it made me cry.

vivienne said...

this is so beautiful jennifer!

do you know how inspiring you are?

Gloria said...

jen, can I put this in my journal its so good..I love it..G