Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am so thankful today for many thinks including but not limited to ...

* This warm sunny day that I have been blessed with
* Spending time with my family, they always bring a smile to my face and make me laugh
* Having such fun and wonderful parents, brothers, and sister in laws
* My studio apartment which houses my creativity and dreams and shelter's me
* Being healthy to ride mile after mile on my bicycle
* The amazing people I have met through this community and the incredible support they give me
* Being able to put thoughts and feeling into words down on paper
* Working ~ with people that are kind and having someone to spend lunch with
* The sound and smell of the ocean ~ it calms me, brings me back, and reminds me to feel
* For having the opportunity to experience, feel, and truly enjoy all that is around me
* For being aware of life and living it

What are you grateful for today?


beth said...

my list is almost identical to yours....

I think family and the ocean are what really pulls at my heart strings the most....

hugs to you

Kolleen said...

so many things.....
my sexy hubby, crazy kiddlies, mom and dad, sisters, brother...ALL my fam!
you my dear friend and all the be present grateful for that weekend in Oregon.
the sun and good health
yummy food
coffee first thing in the morning
and the sound of the ocean...i am listening to it as i type this to you! i am blessed to have a second home at the beach...completely feel connected to nature when i am here.
love you sweet one!

patty said...

I am super grateful for friends like you who put their thoughts out there and list the specific things they are grateful for. I'm not that good at doing that, but I'm inspired by all of you - thank you and XOXO!!!

marilyn said...

i am thankful for being here at this moment in this place with all my experiences, good and not so much, with my heart holding space for all the lovelies in my life.

i love you, jennifer. thanks for asking and caring about the answer.