Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If we never meet

What if we never meet?
Where will my soul end up traveling?
Will it continue to search over vast oceans,
or will it silently give up and fade away?
Will my mind and heart lose that drive,
or will it simply accept that is the path I am destine for?
What if we never meet?
Will I still be me?


beth said...

you will still be you...the only you that you know right now....but if we meet, you'll be longer you...because that's what we do to each other...

Kolleen said...

Beth said it soooooo beautifully and with such truth..i couldn't agree more!!

i love your writing Jennifer....really really do!

valerie said...

jennifer, i have loved your writing before today but today... today... you touched me in such a deep way and expressed things in my heart. thank you!

tricia said...

you are a beautiful poet.

i nominated you for a kreative blogger award. go to my blog to see...

♥ tricia

deb did it said...

you will always be you, but after our meeting, I will be a happier me! I love reading your heart words.

elizabeth said...

this touched me. as did beth's comment.