Thursday, November 05, 2009


Heart shaped surprise, New Paltz NY 

When the clocks change 
I change
The darkness nudges it's way into my mind
Pulling me down
Sucking the motivation out from inside me
And watches me struggle until the end of March

The winter is always a difficult time for me
I am going to try my hardest to be positive
and not let the darkness unveil it's evilness on my soul.  
I am going to seek out the beauty of what is around me
Taking note in what I am appreciative for
Pushing myself to smile more
And reaching out for a hug more often than I usually would

Today I am so grateful for:
* * No frost on my car this morning
* * The sun shining and the coldness staying away for the day
* * The thrill inside that arises when watching the NY Yankees
* * Lunch with a new friend
* * Finding something I have been looking for, for a long time

What are you grateful for today?  


Gloria said...

dear jen...sweet post...we can write eachother this winter,,,that would make it nice and give us something to look foward too

Kolleen said...

can i chime in on that writing with you and G?? I would LOVE it!!
I am grateful today for this post and knowing you.
I am grateful for quiet in my house and the yummy coffee my hubby brought to me this morning.
I am grateful it is Friday and I will be heading to LA tomorrow to support CORE.

elizabeth said...

I am grateful for this reminder to be grateful.
Also for ..
Yin yoga.
My sweet puppy.
The glorious sunshine.

beth said...

I change too when the clocks change and this winter we might have to hold each other up when the weather starts getting us down...

Lori said...

I find I have such a difficult time in the winter too. I love the warm coziness, but somehow retreating into my home means retreating into a sadder part of myself too. It gets more and more difficult as the winter goes on. Acknowledging it and giving myself permission to take care of myself helps.... You're not alone, Jen!