Sunday, September 07, 2008


Last year my theme for 2007 was Passion.  I wanted to bring Passion into my life.  At that time my concentration was between Christian and I.  However now I realize the Passion I was searching for had nothing to do with another person, rather it had everything to do with me.  

There are many things in this world that I am passionate about.
The beach, taking photographs, my family, getting to know people, creating, reading, traveling...just to name a few.       
My passions light up my eyes when I talk about them, bring a huge smile to my face, and make me feel alive!  

An indescribable feeling washing over me when I talk about my trip to Mexico and my upcoming trip to SQUAM.  It feels like a fire is lit inside me.  I love this feeling.  I could eat, breath, live this feeling.  It is a part of something I am passionate about...connecting with people.  

Now that Christian and I are no longer together I realize I need someone who has core values of things that move them.  Things that light their spark, get them going, and rev up their engines.  

I want to continue down my path of exploring the things I am passionate about.  If I find someone, I want to share my dreams with them.  I don't want them to be passionate about all the things I am, but respect what gets me going.  I want them to have their own things and I want to hear about them.  I want to share some adventures along the way, laugh, and expand our hearts together.

It is not easy to find someone who has that fire.  Sometimes it is hard for me to keep my own fire ignited.  But I am working on it.  Throwing more logs onto the fire, putting myself out there, and concentrating on what it is that moves me.  If I don't find someone it is ok as well because I knwo that I have enought and I am enough...I have myself.  


Beth said...

please please find me at SQUAM....seriously, I so want to meet you !!!

Do I even know your first name??

{misty and nina know who I am "as that girl BETH from wisconsin" and they could point me out to you !!!!

Beth said...

I'm a little overwhelmed with packing at the moment and DUH....of course.... you are now I've got that....

ok...lets find each other !!!