Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Open Up

  SQUAM Lake, New Hampshire.  View from the hidden rock I found to rest and dream.

Really trust this troubled heart
Tiny birds have wings
but freely fly
Listen for the wonder
Let open hands fall
Perhaps that old feeling is real
But today let go
Eyes open

This poem was written at SQUAM Art Workshops in Misty Mawns painting class.  I think it describes the transformation that happened while I was there.  


Beth said...

so there I was at SQUAM, a lover of your blog....and now wondering which one was you...did I sit with you ever, did I speak to you..did we share the path at the same time to the dining hall ????

I so hope our paths crossed and it's hard to tell from your photo if I know who you are....were you my photo partner in saturday's superhero class ???

anyhow....I hope we met and if we did....give me a little shout and let me know !!!!

Anonymous said...

oh Jennifer-- you were SO full of light and happiness EVERY single time I saw you-- I love seeing this photo and seeing your take on the experience--

thank you so much for coming and bringing such an open heart--

Bisous, Elizabeth

Amy said...

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks again for taking the plunge and riding to Squam with me. I know it's not easy to get in the car with strangers (think: slasher flicks) but it made it so much easier to walk into those woods and feel like I knew someone just a little bit. I think we all experienced something that will never be replaced. It was far-reaching and life changing and I'm glad you were there. Keep in touch.