Monday, February 25, 2008

My Own Room

Growing up I shared a bedroom with my brother Bobby.  We had fun.  When we were very small we had a trundle bed, then as we got older we had bunk beds.  Bunk beds were fun because we could jump off of the top.  It always made my mother mad when she heard us thunk onto the floor.  

As we grew older Brian moved to the basement, Timmy moved in with Bobby, and being the only girl I got my own room.  Oh it was wonderful to have my own room.  My favorite thing about having my own space was that I had the freedom to paint it whatever color I wanted.  My mom was super nice about this and let me be creative and gave me some good ideas along the way.  We got these super sized sponges and three different pastel colors and had a blast on the walls.  It was really nice to do this with my mom.  

Another thing I loved about having my own room was being able to move the furniture around.  I could put things wherever I wanted and I could do it whenever I wanted.  And believe me, I did.  I was always moving my furniture around.  It always threw my mom off when she came into my room.  

Having your own room is freedom.  A place to go, close the door, and no one bothers you.  I spent a lot of time in my room when I was growing up.  Listening to music, drawing, painting, enjoying time with my imaginary friends.  I was free to do whatever I wanted.  I never had a TV in my room.  Although my mom would bring one in when I was sick so that I could watch movies.  What a sweet mom I have.  

My favorite piece of furniture in my room was my desk.  I loved sitting at my desk, cleaning my desk out, and making sure that it was neat and organized.  I still need for my desk to be organized today.  

It is a lot different now, living in a studio apartment with Christian and sharing all of this space.  I don't have my own room, although I do love the room we have.  My favorite thing now about my space is the photographs I have on my walls and the enormous stack of books I have next to my bed.  It is so nice to curl into bed, page through one of those books, and gaze around and be proud of all I have accomplished.  

My dream is:  To have my own studio space when I own my own house.  I want a space to create, dream, explore, and simply be.  A space all for me.  


Anonymous said...

I completely feel where you are coming from. I lived in a house where we shared rooms, married young, had kids young... until recently it felt like I never had any "me" space.

Now divorced, I have my place to myself when the kids are with their dad. I miss them awful, so it's hard to appreciate the "me" space now that I have it.

Your post got me thinking though, it would be great to have a darkroom again like my college days. Hmmm....

Marilyn said...

Hey, you! I'm trying to get caught up with everyone on my Spring Break week. I feel for you not having much space. We don't have a studio, but our duplex is TINY. I often long to have my own space...a place where I could be creative. We almost never use our kitchen table for eating anymore, so I've sort of taken it over. Only problem is that I've got it piled with papers and books and crap...pretty good indicator of how I'm not making space in my life for creativity. ;)