Tuesday, May 21, 2013

in the works

Ideas swirling in my head
Pulling things from the ground
And shining light on them
I am giddy with excitement
A good kind of nervous about walking this new terrain
I can feel in my bones this is needed
I know in my heart I need to push on
I stand here certain of the direction I am going
I know there will be twist and turns
And I look forward to navigating that path
I want to work with people
To encourage them to write
To uncover their stories
To find what may have been hidden
I want to stand beside them and listen as they share
So much power and goodness comes when we share
I want to provide ideas and prompts to stretch them even further
This is all currently in the works
I cannot wait to share it with you
And hope that you will want to work with me
Together we can heal through writing


Kristine said...

Ohhhh, Jennifer - You have me very curious - Cannot wait to hear more - How Exciting!

Roban said...

This sounds very exciting, and I can feel your enthusiasm coming through your words!

Laurie said...

Hi Jennifer,

I've come across your blog and love it and your words.. thank you for sharing.. hope you have a beautiful day.