Thursday, April 25, 2013

through the forest

You may feel small
Lost in your own forest of worry and despair
You may be unsure how to find your path
Which way to go to feel the weight on your shoulders lifted
You may think you will never make it

What you must know is that
You are not in the forest alone
There are others traveling through
Deep in their own struggles of finding their way out
They too wonder sometimes if they will ever make it

You need to seek out those others and come together
Hold hands and walk the journey alone side one another
Have open and honest conversation
Dig deep into the heart and say what it is that scares you most
And also share what it is that fuels your inner fire

Alone we struggle
Fearful, unsure, feeling we are the only ones
Together we conquer
Encouraging, brave, honest connections
Lets travel through the forest together


lynnsie said...

Hi Jennifer, I like your writing very much. When I read this this morning it hit me perfect. I needed the words just when they came. They also remind me of just what you are trying to do with your "Love Notes". Encourage us to reach out and connect with one another. Thank you. Lynn

mindy said...

i think about this forest and the paths therein so often. so happy you'e one of my forest fairies! xo