Friday, April 27, 2012

getting back up

Exhaustion encapsulating every inch of my body
Longing to crawl into the basment and hibernate
Dreams that I have been holding in my heart seem far out of reach
Slipping, tripping, falling
Struggling to keep my head up, figure out a plan, make it happen

A piece of me wants to throw in the towel
Crawl into bed and nap
But the other half of me knows I cannot give up
This dream is real, living and breathing inside of me
It feels to right to let it just slip away

Maybe a nap is on the agenda
Let the ideas settle into me
Give them space to breathe and grow
Go back to the drawing board and begin again
I will falter, and fall, but I must always get back up


Jenn June said...

Such powerful words. I needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing it.

Lisa Gonzalez said...

Your dreams are real. They will will be realized. This much I know.

xoxo Love you sister.

Rest. Refill.

patty said...

Jennifer, I have been to the place of which you speak many, many times.... I have taken on a very simple yet powerful motto:


That's all. Sending hugs your way.