Monday, April 30, 2012

crayon box

Searching for the colors as the dark dreariness of gray is trying to take over
Reaching deep into the crayon box
Hoping to pull out a bright turquoise blue or sunshine yellow
Scribbling onto the page like a 3 year old
Digging back into the roots of my child like self
Drawing trees and big white puffy clouds
Heading back to a time when life was simpler
Darkness did not live deep in my heart
And the crayon box was always at my side
Bright colors dancing on the paper, as my heart sang
Working to get back to that place again


rachel awes said...

sending love to your dearness through gold + silver + robin's egg blue. xox

Lené Gary said...

lovely post... wishing you all the colors that lift one's heart. :)

Mindy Lacefield said...

Such a good place to revisit. I'm there with you. Love you!