Sunday, November 27, 2011

in between

She wanted to make a wish
Closing her eyes
Transporting herself to a different time
Another moment
When things were more settled
Her heals dug firmly in the ground

But she knew herself better
She knew that her wishes were only that, wishes
She knew she would have to go through the struggle
Take the difficult path
It was always that way with her
And she knew that

Along her journey she learned so much
Patience, kindness, love
Showing up and wearing her heart on her sleeve
She learned about being vulnerable
And saying she knew she just needed kindness
She learned how to speak from her heart

And now she stands in limbo
With half her life here
And the other half there
Dancing between the two
Placing her things gently
Not wanting to disrupt the flow of life

She knows how to blend into the background
She knows how to disappear
But this time things are different
He wants to know how she is feeling
He doesn't want to see her cry
He wants them both to be happy

She is no longer dancing alone
She no longer has to step into the darkness
Afraid of what will be waiting for her when she turns on the light
She comes home to someone
Who loves her and holds her close
And together they step into the future


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patty said...

Oh, I love this so much and it makes me very happy to read it!

Eydie said...

beautiful poem!
It brought JOY to my heart.

curious girl (lisa) said...

so lovely jennifer. xoxo.