Friday, July 23, 2010

Way of being

This way of being does not serve you
Your heart and soul are yearning for something more
Longing for a deeper connection
You have an inner peace about you
One that the world needs to see
Do not be afraid to embrace that
Do not be afraid to see where it will lead you

What kind of mark do you want to leave on the world?
How will you do it?


thisgirl said...

yum . yum . yum

patty said...

thought-provoking statements and questions, dear Jennifer! As always, some wonderful food for thought.... oh, that bubble is amazing!!

elizabeth said...

one that is full of love and delight.

the how, i am still working on.


Ellie said...

I love the bubble, couldn't see it before...Fun! I love blowing bubbles~xXx

Ellie said...

A mark-something that is profound a different slant on the obvious.

Gloria said...

I hope to leave my mark hidden in the word HOPE. I want to be able to teach that we are enough. That we owe it to ourselves to love each other. I yearn to fall in to my stillness and be able to be aware enough off my state of being so I can later take you with me. I want to leave a mark in the hand I am holding I want that mark to come through my love.