Tuesday, July 13, 2010


"Ask and you shall receive." I am sure we have all heard that expression before. But how often do we adhere to it? I know for myself that I find it very difficult to ask. Especially when it is something that touches my soul and means a lot to me.

When it comes to work it is easy. I have no problem asking for help. Why do I find it so difficult then to ask when it really means something to me? The gremlins enter my mind. Telling me that I am not worthy or deserving of what my heart is calling for. "Who am I?" the little voice whispers.

Who am I this voice asks?

I am someone who is pushing forward
Gaining courage and strength to reach for her dreams
I am someone who wears a smile proudly on her face
And has a skip in he step every once in awhile
I am brave
And I am fearless
I am someone that will no longer be afraid to ask
I will leap
And I will fly


Ellie said...

You won't just fly; You will soar with your huge heart and endearing words of kindness! Your words are the song from your soul~xXx

valerie said...

You are all of those things and so very much more!


Gloria said...

Our blessing is watching you fly...Your emotional courage is amazing and your vonuerability stunning..Keep up the great work sweet friend.

tricia said...

still loving your wisdom, courage, and YOU!