Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Standing Tall

It wasn't always like this you know
There were dark moments
When I felt so disconnected
When I felt like I did not fit in at all
When I had no idea who I was
There were moments of incredible sadness, loneliness, and deep despair
Where I hid myself
Trying to blend into the background
I did not speak up
I tried to go unnoticed
Afraid of making a fool of myself

I do not recall the exact moment it shifted
Maybe it wasn't a moment at all
Rather a series of events
Unlocking my heart piece by piece
Making me more aware
Allowing myself to feel more
Slowly shifting
Slowly my eyes opened
Opened up to the person who was me
Standing inside me this whole time
But I was to scared to look
To afraid to take notice

Now here I stand
Deeply rooted
Leaning towards the sun
Soaking in the beauty of life and living it each day
Smiling widely

Never would this have been possible
If I had not opened up my heart
My soul
But that tender moment occurred
That moment of opening
And now I stand
Showered in love
Heart feeling so full


marilyn said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful self, for opening up to the person you are, for smiling widely and living the brave life. my heart is feeling full too. full of love and admiration of you.

patty said...

Love seeing you "deeply rooted and leaning towards the sun". Lovely, lovely words from a lovely, lovely girl!!

Ellie said...

I am so happy your heART is unlocked and the real you is open to experience~ I think of a heart with a tiny seed, blooming into a gifted
author. You shower us with your words;I hope you know that the praise you receive is well deserved!
You have a gift; keep spreading joy~

Gloria said...

You are beautiful in every way and i am proud to call you my friend,

deb did it said...

this is beyond the beautiful truth...thank you for this opening. You are Brave!

tricia said...

you are so brave and so beautiful.

elizabeth said...

I have been wondering if we realize when we close our hearts off that it will keep out the good as well as the bad. Or if it seems worth it at the time. I wish I could remember.

I am glad you are rooted and leaning toward the sun. Smiling widely for you.