Tuesday, February 02, 2010


wedding ring

Awhile back I declared to save the only thing I was able to save ~ my life. I set out on an exploration, an excavation into my heart and souls inner desires. I vowed to myself to find out what it is that truly moves me. What really makes me happy. What I stand for. I explored my thoughts, dredged up the past, and tried to piece meal it all together.

This declaration was at first stated silently and without me even knowing. It was brewing inside, manifesting slowly and yet my mind could not even grasp the concept. Over time I grew more conscious of this thought. I focused on my bravery, the sadness that took hold in eye opening moments, and the happiness that just seemed to unfold before me.

I declared that I wanted to celebrate myself in the form of declaring that I was the one I have been waiting for.

I was the one I have been waiting for. All this time of searching for someone, thinking I needed a partner to lean on, being fearful to step out and take the leap, afraid of knowing who I was. All this time it was right there within me. My courage, my passions, my desires, my wants. The answers to all of the questions I had always asked myself ~ like what made me happy, what did I stand for, what was I passionate about. The whole time the answers were in me just waiting to be discovered, nurtured, and tended to. When you take the time to care for something it grows and when you truly nurture and love it, it blossoms in ways you never thought possible. Mind blowing, exhilarating, magical ways.

By taking the time to tend to myself I was growing. I grew strong, brave, and courageous. I put myself out there. I took chances. I trusted that everything was going to work out. I trusted that it was all going to fall into place as it should. And somehow that is exactly what did happen. It all fell into place and it all seems to be working out. Life is such a magical place.


beth said...

it did work out, but can I still pray that you find a warm chest to bury your head in at the end of the day...?

cause that's what I've been doing :)

MediaMoose said...

wow... isn't it great how we are all in this together and seem to be experiencing and sorting through the same stuff! it's like you reached inside me and pulled on that tiny thread that i've been working on for a long time now. Cheers to you and many blessings to you...

elizabeth said...

and by putting yourself out there, you inspired others. so thank you.

much love.

Alison said...

you inspire me for sure. May life always be as magical as it is now, my warrior poet.

Kolleen said...

and you are such a magical person!!

i LOVE this post so much!! it represents so well what you are all about, what your core is and your character.

you are such a lovely, inspiring, courageous, wise, young(old), soul!!!

i love you sweet Jennifer and you are all you truly need!!



marilyn said...

i love this, jennifer. when i saw you a couple of weeks ago, i realized again how very much this discovery of you and all that it means touches and inspires me. you are indeed magical.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

so proud of you. yes. i am so proud of you and how you invite others to look inward to recognize in themselves what you see in you.

much love to you dear girl!

chrissy said...

this is a wonderful post.
i remember the first time i heard you tell the story of "your ring"...i was smitten with you!
you are such an example to MANY.