Friday, February 26, 2010


It is not always easy to say the words
To open up
To express how you feel

Happiness and sadness
Two very opposite feelings
Yet both equally important for our soul

We must take the steps
to have open conversations
Communicating with one another
is a healing power
that cannot be measured

Breaking hearts mend
Souls strengthen
Smiles form

Conversations remind us we are not alone
They allow us to drain the hurt inside of us
And they bring us together

Open yourself up to the healing that occurs
when conversations are taking place
Allow yourself to be vulnerable
It is in these moments of vulnerability that 'you' will be seen

Nothing is more powerful than being seen


Kolleen said...

i could not agree more my dear, dear friend!!!

i LOVE reading YOUR words....they make me smile and are very soothing to the soul!!

love you tons!!!


patty said...

Jennifer, I had to go back and read this several times - there is so much truth and insight there! I know I have said it before, but you, my dear, are way ahead of your years. I love reading your thoughts - thank you for sharing!!!