Saturday, June 13, 2009

The seed has been planted

Me ~ so happy ~ with the amazing warm hearted founder of squam, Elizabeth

The magic of squam has been infused into a whole new group of budding artist. They gathered around that fabulous lake and embraced one another as the previous group had done. Their stories and pictures of their time spent at squam brings back all the amazing feelings I felt when I was there last September. Just reading their words and thoughts has watered that little seed that was planted into my heart when I was exploring those fabulous woods for myself.

It was at
squam when I truly felt like people saw "me" for the very first time. There were no judgements only acceptance. The loved swirled around and swept me off my feet. I grew my wings and since then have been learning how to fly. I dip my hands into paint more often and snap more photos.

Unfortunately this year I will not get the chance to be engulfed in the
magic. But if you even have an inkling of wanting to feel the warmth and love that I did I highly recommend you take the leap and attend squam in September. There are no words that can describe how you feel and what it will do for your heart and soul. Spread those wings and fly!

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beth said...

this is so sweet and brought back so many memories for me....

it really is/was a life changing experience !!

AND I love that photo !