Monday, October 27, 2008


my art supplies sprawled out in my magical cottage

Creativity has surrounded me.  
It is oozing from my pours
Spilling out from my heart
And singing a song inside my head.

I feel connected
I feel centered
I feel like I am headed down the right path
I feel comfortable with myself

For a long time I was not comfortable with me
I was in the shadows
Hiding behind closed doors
Concealing my heart

But now I am colorful
Full of light
Feeling the world around me
And taking it all in

The things that surround me amaze me
Make me smile
Make me feel whole
They ignite a fire inside me, that won't go out

I adore this life,
I adore this little magical cottage I call my studio apartment
I adore my art supplies,
my camera, and my photos.
I adore the connection I get with others through these things.  

I am savoring life!


jenica said...

yum yum


Beth said...

your photos and words continue to make me smile and think !!!