Thursday, November 21, 2013

true love

Love grows stronger and more beautiful when
you laugh with one another (especially when it involves giving the other horns in a photograph)
When you each are yourselves, utterly and completely

Without you being you, and them being them
Who are you?
Love needs each of you to thrive and flourish

I have been through the ringer in relationships
Controlling, lack of self confidence, cheating, non committal
It was a roller coaster ride of learning

But it taught me so much
About what I want, what I need
What I know I can never compromise on

And it was all so worth it
To meet my best friend
The one who makes me laugh and cheers me on, endlessly

We get along so easily
It is natural, real, kind, honest, trusting, and beautiful
We know we are meant for one another

I can alway be my silly, heart wide open, "hippy" self
And he accepts me with open arms
And I fully embrace his wild ways

It is the perfect dance
Together hearts commingling
Loving, encouraging, growing, and true


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Gloria King said...

I love this Jenn. Your going to have the cutest kids one day. I am so happy you found your prince. love you

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