Thursday, November 07, 2013

navigating the creative life

dropping my Love Note in the mail

As I navigate this creative life my mind swirls.  Furiously I fill pages of my notebook with the beginning pieces of different ideas.  They will each need to be tended to in their own way.  Some of them will get tucked into the back of my mind as I let them gently come to life on their own.  

When we give a voice to a desire, an idea, a longing, we begin to put it into motion.  And at the time it may not seem like that is happening, but it is.  Just stating it out loud let's your mind know to keep a look out for anything on your journey that could help bring that inner dream to life.

I am carving out space in my mind to percolate ideas for connecting, inspiring, and working with individuals who are longing to create more space for their own creative life.  I am dreaming up online and in person gatherings.  I envision moments of raw heart emotion, deep conversation, support, and love.  

I am learning that we are not meant to do it alone.  As Jen Lee describes in Indie Kindred; "Do it yourself doesn't mean do it alone."  I am on the look out for creative companions carving out their own path in the world but also looking to collaborate with others.  Is there someone that you know in your corner that I should meet?

Running and nightly Tea Time have become two rituals that are keeping me grounded.  They both quiet my mind, allow me space to breathe, and provide me a moment where it is just me.  What rituals do you turn to when you mind is swirling?