Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moment in time

Ramapo Reservation, NJ

Sitting close to you
A smile forms on my face
Calmness washes over me
I listen to the sound of your voice
and soak in the beautiful view
For a brief moment in time
beauty surrounds me
But it is shadowed by the truth
The truth of knowing 
that this is a brief encounter
However beautiful and rare it may feel
It will end shortly
A wave of emotions is stirring inside me
Happiness and sadness competing with one another
Neither feeling wins
It is simply a constant battle
Tugging at the heart


beth said...

I understand....

K said...

loving you.

chrissy said...

wow. somehow, i needed this today! thank you jennifer. brave jennifer.

Gloria said...

I love it...ust perfect and beautiful...brave jennifer..