Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a little space

I created a little space

Which celebrates pieces of me and gives me the moment to stop and reflect as well

A space to light candles for my dreams

And be inspired by how brave I am


beth said...

hugs to you, you brave girl !

chrissy said...

oh, you are brave sister. i love your little space. you and lisa have inspired me to create my own little space. please know how much i loved and needed your previous post on courage as well. beautiful. thank you!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

love this.

sending blessings to beautiful brave you.

elizabeth said...

oh, that space is beautiful and peaceful.

K said...

i wanna go to that space...love it Jennifer.
as i am typing this...i am looking around my house to see where i could create "my little piece of peace"!!

The Bumpy Life said...

Right on brave sister! Love that you are taking in all the pieces of the weekend we all shared together. you are an inspiration!

the camp said...

oh how i adore you. your quiet strength always seems to surround me.
oh, and again....happy birthday!

deb did it said...

your blog is beautiful. I stumbled upon you via Beth. I have friends who live in New Paltz...I live in Texas, met them in Isla Mujeres. Small world. I have become a follower.