Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look around

Dandelion curls, outside my apartment

All to often I am constantly moving . . .
Going here, there, everywhere.
Never paying attention to what is around me.  

The world keeps on moving as fast as I do.
But every once in a great while the universe taps me on the shoulder,
and kindly asks me to slow down.  

My camera always helps me in this department
It forces me to focus on what is around me
It helps me to notice things I never knew existed before

. . . like the little curls on top of the dandelion.  

What do you notice when you slow down and really look around?


beth said...

EVERYTHING....finally !!

slowing down with my camera in my hand has been a blessing for all that I had been missing !

Amy said...

The baby birds right outside my window, mouths open, waiting for a worm.

The gorgeous smell of honeysuckle in the park right now.

The feeling of my son holding my hand as we walked home from school yesterday.