Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not leaving....

I can't leave.  I simply must stay.
I enjoy it here.
The conversation, the laughter, the common bond we have formed for being together for so long.  
What amazes me is how this place has brought us all together. 
All so different, yet sharing something special, sharing something unique just by being here.
When you leave things change.  
You lose touch, you do not have the same connection.  It is a shame
So I simply must stay.  I can't leave
I really enjoy it here.
I know what to expect when I  walk in.
A friendly greeting, a smile, "hi hunnnie"
I do not have that anywhere else.  
It has grown here and has become a part of me.
Sure one day I will move on, 
but for now I am going to enjoy the part of me that has been nurtured here and I will stay  

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