Monday, September 17, 2012

returning :: re-entering :: reflecting

I just spent five magical days in the woods of New Hampshire gathering with friends and like minded souls.  Stories were shared, dreams nurtured, words of love circling around.  Something powerful happens when individuals gather.  You see it at sporting events, feel the electricity at a concert, and even come upon it deep in the woods.

I entered these same woods five years ago ~ shy ~ quiet ~ unsure of myself ~ not knowing who I was.  This time I emerged ~ grounded ~ strong ~ glowing ~ with a strong sense of who I am.  It is beautiful to look back on the journey.  To see where I was those five years ago and feel the strength, love, and courage I know embody.  I am blessed to have witnesses to these moments.  Individuals who were there five years ago and who stand beside me today, reflecting back to me all that has evolved.

I have many stories about moments in the woods.  Words rolling around in my head that I want to share with you.  But for now I will leave you with some words dear friends of mine have written.  Hop on over to there sites as they eloquently share what it was like to gather, to be seen, to show up, and to just be.

** Mindy Lacefield  ~ Squam
** Wish Studio ~  truly madly deeply :: postcards from Squam


melissa said...

So grateful that I have been witness to this emerging. You are such a beautiful woman inside and out. I am so thankful for the time we spent in the woods...and I can't wait to see what we both do next! xo

melissa said...
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Mindy Lacefield said...

i don't think words can describe the magic that i felt with you in NH these last several days. you have a gift. it is being so uniquely YOU that has captured my heart. you give me a special light that no one has ever given me. you are easy to be with. i feel comfortable and at ease when i'm with you. do you know how special you are?!? there is so much left to unfold. love you with all my heart!!

curious girl (lisa) said...

what a gift you are sweet jennifer. i see the effect your presence has on others. you are a forcefield of equaminity and love.

i am so happy to see you recognize this in yourself.

Donna Wynn (Yogiknitgirl) said...

What a beautiful spirit you are Jennifer. I am grateful for your friendship everyday. Your words capture just how you are feeling and we are blessed to take them in. So happy your Squam experience was a good one. You have my heart and I am so proud to witness your growth.

mindy said...

you are magic and love all rolled into one. it was an absolute honor and treat to see you in full bloom by the lake. thank you for opening up and pulling me into your light. i am forever grateful. xoxo

jill said...

it was so wonderful to meet you in person! i felt like i meet a rock star and you know what...i did! you are AMAZING!

xo + smiles~ jill

beth said...

i remember five years ago feeling just as you described....and as hard as i tried, i couldn't really put into words for anyone else my experience.

SQUAM does that to a girl !!


kelly barton said...

love you girlie. getting to spend simple time with you was just what my heart needed. when i sit here an think about the fives years of a friendship blossoming, well that just pretty much puts a fat smile on this girls face.

shine. shine. shine.

research paper said...

I love the photo really....that place is so calm to spend your solitude there....Jennifer is very lucky to have 5 awesome days there...stay blesssed

Steph said...

You are warm energy and fresh air all in one. AND you can handle a keg tap for the uninitiated. : )

I am grateful our paths crossed a little more than usual this year. I hope you are experiencing a wonderful re-entry.


jen gray said... you.

Stef said...

you are such a gift and I'm so grateful to have you in my life and to see the beautiful woman that you are. xoxo