Tuesday, March 06, 2012

who you are with

We will each go on many adventures throughout life
Ride the roller coaster of emotions
Have incredible highs and deep dark lows

There will be moments of truth and joy
And moments where we hang our head and cry
A whole spectrum of emotions will run through us

There will be the every day
Getting up, brushing our teeth, going to work
Navigating through our daily routine

Every moment adds a layer to who we are
A memory created
An unexpected twist taking us in a new direction

It does not matter where our feet are standing
What is important is the bonds we have formed along the way
And the individuals we stand with

The friendships and love that have been carefully crafted
As each of you travel on your journey
You have found each other

To laugh with, support, dance, cry, even drink margaritas with
You are there for each other
Showing up exactly as you are and being embraced with love

These moments that make up our life
Leaving a mark on our soul
And we are never the same

Embrace them when they come your way
For they are a rare precious jewel
That needs to be treated with kindness and respect

Because in life
It is not about where you are
But who you are with


Lisa Gonzalez said...

Oh Jen, this is beautiful! You weave words into gorgeous tapestries. You are so right, it's about who we are with. I'm so glad to have people like you in my life.

Love love love!

K8 said...

oh beautiful! love this! I'm so happy for you guys. Shawn and I are taking a marriage prep course this weekend. should be interesting! :)

Beth said...

you are a jewel - your writing is extraordinary and filled with love.

Karen D said...


Karen D said...