Thursday, September 24, 2009

magic is in the air

This year I was unable to be surrounded by the magic of squam. A type of magic that really cannot be described in words. But it feels something like:
  • your heart bursting with love
  • the sound of laughter singing it's sweet song
  • stories being shared
  • indviduals breaking their heart open, shedding their fears, and sharing their dreams
  • cuddling around a campfire
  • truly being seen, loved, and cherished for exactly who you are

The list could go on and on. It is the type of feeling that can be seen pouring from my eyes as I talk about my time spent there. A smile coming over my face that I cannot contain. Squam was a dream come true for the creator, Elizabeth. It is a place that will forever be engrained in my heart. The place I grew my wings. It was the place that helped lead me here. A placed swirling with magic.

If you have even the slightest incling that you should go I say take the chance. I would love to gather with you there next year. Snuggle up close next to the fire. Hold you hand as we walk through the woods. And listen to your story.


Heather said...

I still can't find the words for my experience there (thus my hugely long vimeo slideshow!) It is magical, that Squam thing.

beth said...

hopefully I will meet you there next year...