Tuesday, July 21, 2009

faces of life

Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton NJ

they follow one another. trudging through the trying times. silence flows between them. unsaid words are understood. the creases on their faces tell their own stories. and the lines on their hands show the hard work that got them this far. times were not always easy, but they always knew they had each other. strangers coming together, forming an incredible bond. making it through the dark nights and dreary days because they all had hope for better days, friends to make them smile and laugh, and kind words for one another. the power of coming together guided them to there dreams.


beth said...

so things must be good with you, right :)

Marilyn said...

Hi! Was so happy to find your comment on my blog...and then voila, a new post of yours in my reader. I've missed reading here. Hope all is well in your life...look forward to catching up on what's new with you. Lovely post (and photo). xo

Rach said...

wow! Loved your blog! Chanced upon it but i will chance upon it regularly! Happy blogging!