Monday, May 12, 2008


I close my eyes
It is dark
Even when I open them
It is dark

I am not sure where I am going
The path I am on is long
At times I feel like I should stray,
Other times I feel glued to where this path is leading me

I am not sure where I am going
Darkness surrounds me
Envelopes me into this sacred feeling of 
being alone, terrified, and completely at peace

All of these feelings exist inside me
Swirly around
Meshing together
Blending into one thick paste

Which has taken over my heart.

I am not sure where to turn,
Not sure how to break through this hard shell

So for now I will let this hardness settle, but only for a short while
Soon I will need to break out my hammer and chisel away.

Does something soft and tender still exist under there?

1 comment:

annkent said...

You are also a most AMAZING writer (poet). Your words are important.