Saturday, June 30, 2007


I am the one who is always doing something...
going for a hike,
Rarely sitting still.

The past four days have definilty changed that!
All I have being doing is sitting and lying down.
It is strange what sickness does to you.

Of course I have had the urge to clean, and tidy up...
but I restrained.
Instead Christian moved the mattress into the living room,
And I fell deeply into the world of television,
something I rarely every do.

I rested, did an awful lot of resting.

Finally I am starting to feel better.
Not 100% yet, but that will be any day now.

Sometimes your body just needs a break.
I have not been to the doctor since 2005, so really I cannot complain
And two years of resting up and getting better must be taken seriously,
And so I did that.

Tomorrow I think I will take my needed rest out into the sunshine,
poolside, with my mom :)

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