Saturday, July 29, 2006

I love...

I love being in the outdoors,
experiencing the sunshine, the feel of fresh spring grass under my feet, and sand between my toes.
I love swimming in a pool on a hot day.
I love the ocean,
taking long walks on the beach, finding beautiful shells, hearing the sound of the ocean, and smelling the salty air.
I love adventure,
taking the path no one has ventured on before, seeing things I never noticed, and doing thinngs I never planned on.
I love travel,
going to new places even if they are just around the block.
I love creating,
taking photos, writing, making collages.
I love reading,
curling up with a good book on a cold winters day, or lying in the sunshine enjoying each page.
I love to laugh,
at corny jokes, movies, or comedians.
I love being around children,
there sense of wonder opens my eyes to new things.

These are just a few of the things I love!
My question however is,
what is the difference between things you love and things you are passionate about?

My passion is......??


Anonymous said...

Maybe this was a rhetorical question, possibly because you do not believe anyone truly reads your journal. However…

I believe you can love something and be passionate about it. But, I think the difference between loving something and being passionate, is the intense feeling in your soul, in your stomach (not that the two are the same). In the past when I’ve had a true passion (as in the job I was working), I felt as if I could work that job forever, without anything getting in my way. I felt strong and powerful, and wanted to do my very best.

I think passion is doing something. The passion in a relationship usually refers to something physical. Being passionate about a subject (literature, history, etc.) urges you to learn more about it, read more, know more.

Love, I think is/should be something that makes you happy. You love the outdoors, loving being outside. It makes you happy. If there was no more outside (which would be impossible I think), you would be heart broken.

I think, I have lost my train of thought. So, maybe this will give you something to contemplate... while sitting outside :o)

~Guess Who

Jennifer said...

It has def gave me something to contemplate. And has filled my mind with thoughts.

I am not sure who are you are, but I appreciate your comment and love that you said "so, maybe this will give you something to contemplate....while sitting outside"

Thank you!