Monday, November 25, 2013

new home

I began blogging in 2005.  When I wrote my first post I had no idea the adventure it would take me on. The doors that would open, and the opportunities that would arise.  When I wrote that very first post, I just thought it was a neat way to pair writing with photography.

Here I am, eight years later.  Wow!  Eight years.  So much has happened in my life since that very first time I hit "publish".  It has been an incredible journey.  My blog has taught me so many things about myself.  It has pushed me to grow, to reach, to dream, and to chase after those dreams and fly.

It has connected me to many amazing individuals and introduced me to some of my very best friends.  It opened up opportunities to retreat in places I have always dreamed of visiting.  And to be seen, really seen and heard.

It has provided me a forum to use my voice when I was too timid and shy to speak words out loud.  My blog has always been there waiting for me, even when I neglected it.  It never once judged, or spoke harsh words back.  It simply soaked in whatever flowed out of my fingertips.

My blog saved my life in so many ways and it continues to push me to grow stronger each and every day.  I have loved my space and time spent here on blogger.  My safe house, my home away from home, my little corner of the world wide web.

I feel, however, that I have outgrown this space.  I need a little more room to stretch a little bit higher.  I need to be able to extend my arms out, create, dream, and be.  My creative life will always be a part of my journey.  It has taking me long to declare this, but it is true.  The path is extending and I need a little more space to lean into.  

So I am pulling together Giggling in the Rain & Love Notes and sharing all of me over on

This was a big decision for me.  I was torn between integrating them.  When I first started Love Notes it felt right for it to be separate.  But as time has passed I have learned how much Love Notes really is apart of me, and feels so strange to have it on a distance space in the web.  I am love notes, love notes is me.  As well as I am Giggling in the Rain, and Giggling in the Rain is me.

It feels right to merge them.  To claim them both and to sink deeper and deeper into my own life's manifesto of spreading unexpected joy, diving into the vulnerable pieces of life, and seeking out goodness in this world, as I treasure it with gratitude.  

I hope you will join me as I continue my journey.  I have so many ideas up my sleeve and I would just love for us to travel together.  It is always more fun when you travel with a friend.

Thank you for being a part of my story.  For showing up and reading.  I appreciate each and every one of you.


Come say hello over at 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

true love

Love grows stronger and more beautiful when
you laugh with one another (especially when it involves giving the other horns in a photograph)
When you each are yourselves, utterly and completely

Without you being you, and them being them
Who are you?
Love needs each of you to thrive and flourish

I have been through the ringer in relationships
Controlling, lack of self confidence, cheating, non committal
It was a roller coaster ride of learning

But it taught me so much
About what I want, what I need
What I know I can never compromise on

And it was all so worth it
To meet my best friend
The one who makes me laugh and cheers me on, endlessly

We get along so easily
It is natural, real, kind, honest, trusting, and beautiful
We know we are meant for one another

I can alway be my silly, heart wide open, "hippy" self
And he accepts me with open arms
And I fully embrace his wild ways

It is the perfect dance
Together hearts commingling
Loving, encouraging, growing, and true

Sunday, November 17, 2013

speaking your truth

Your beauty is within your truth
The moment you share it with the world may be terrifying
But in stating your truth you will shine, brilliantly

Friday, November 15, 2013

choose your path

Choose the path that is  right for you
The one that lights YOU up inside
The one that YOU are drawn to

Do not worry about the path others are taking
Do not, do not, do not compare
The comparison game only leads to self destruction

What is right for you is not right for everyone
You must follow your heart
Go your own way

What is the one thing you would do right now if there were no limitations?
What is the one thing you always dream about doing?
What makes you laugh and giddy with excitement?

Find a way to integrate these things into your life
Even if it is just a small moment in time
Small steps lead to big changes

Choose joy
Seek out what makes you happy
And continue to take a chance on YOU

Thursday, November 07, 2013

navigating the creative life

dropping my Love Note in the mail

As I navigate this creative life my mind swirls.  Furiously I fill pages of my notebook with the beginning pieces of different ideas.  They will each need to be tended to in their own way.  Some of them will get tucked into the back of my mind as I let them gently come to life on their own.  

When we give a voice to a desire, an idea, a longing, we begin to put it into motion.  And at the time it may not seem like that is happening, but it is.  Just stating it out loud let's your mind know to keep a look out for anything on your journey that could help bring that inner dream to life.

I am carving out space in my mind to percolate ideas for connecting, inspiring, and working with individuals who are longing to create more space for their own creative life.  I am dreaming up online and in person gatherings.  I envision moments of raw heart emotion, deep conversation, support, and love.  

I am learning that we are not meant to do it alone.  As Jen Lee describes in Indie Kindred; "Do it yourself doesn't mean do it alone."  I am on the look out for creative companions carving out their own path in the world but also looking to collaborate with others.  Is there someone that you know in your corner that I should meet?

Running and nightly Tea Time have become two rituals that are keeping me grounded.  They both quiet my mind, allow me space to breathe, and provide me a moment where it is just me.  What rituals do you turn to when you mind is swirling?

Sunday, November 03, 2013

heart notes

I don't know about you, but for me, the end of the year seems to come and go in the blink of an eye.  I don't even know where it goes or what had happened.  But all of the sudden I am smack into a brand new year feeling a bit lost and all over the place.

So this year I am getting intentional and taking the time to savor the beautiful moments that the end of the year serves up.  A time to reflect and embrace what was and whats to come.  Moments to spend with family and loved ones.  Deep thoughts about dreams and desires for the new year.  And an even deeper appreciation for all that was.

I invite you to get intentional with me through daily emails arriving  Monday - Friday from December 2nd through January 3rd.  These emails will be filled with:

  • Inspirational stories and poetry
  • Gentle reminders to slow down
  • Quick exercises to ground you, and bring you back to the moment
  • Moments to reflect upon
You will not need any fancy supplies or equipment for these exercises.  A journal or little slip of paper will do, and your camera phone will help to capture some of the moments if you choose.  

Come join me as we savor the last of 2013.  

The cost of Heart Notes :: words to savor is only $30.  These words will provide you guidance on getting intentional, inspiration to seek out the beauty, and warm your heart as the year comes to a close. I would love for you to join me.  

Friday, November 01, 2013

what i know to be true

photo by: Thea Coughlin

Over the past 33 years I have been growing, expanding, and learning so much.  Here are 33 things I know to be true as I celebrate my own 33 years here:

1.  Life is so much more fun when you are surrounded by good friends and family
2.  Laughter heals.  Especially in those moments when we think we cannot laugh, me must.  Our hearts become lighter and the darkness doesn't feel so dark.
3.  Seeing the world through a four year olds eyes brings you back to the days when you thought you could do or be anything.  It is a good reminder to know that is still true if you are willing to go after it.
4.  Falling in love with someone you can travel with easily makes the adventures that much more sweet
5.  Using your voice in positive ways will take you further than you ever thought you could go
6.  If you want to make something happen, you have to begin
7.  Family is a sure thing in this world.  I know no matter what; I can lean on them, laugh with them, and create the most decadent memories
8.  Through travel one can learn some of life's best lessons and create the most savory memories
9.  We do not have to do it all alone.  Collaborating and working together with others enhances whatever it is you are creating
10.  Sunshine has the ability to fill your soul
11.  Running makes you stronger
12.  Showing up is half the battle.  When you show up time and time again, especially when you do not want to...celebrate that.  It is a big deal
13.  Having people you can share your story with is really important.  Not just anyone, but the ones that really get you
14.  True friends are rare. When you stumble upon them take the time to nurture the relationship
15.  You may not always love the work you do.  But you never know where it is going to lead you
16.  Showing your vulnerable pieces to others can have the ability to connect you in ways you never dreamed of
17.  There is so much you can learn about yourself when you live alone
18.  The experience of going away to college will teach you so much more outside the classroom
19.  Boyfriends will come and go, but one day when you finally figured out what you really want you will meet him and your life will be forever changed
20.  Taking time to discover what really moves you will fill you with happiness
21.  Dancing lifts your spirits no matter what mood you were in
22.  Lean deep into others, listen to what they say, and cultivate tender relationships
23.  To make big things happen you have to be willing to take a risk.  Leap!
24.  Going outside of your comfort zone will push you and help you to grow in immense ways
25.  Don't be afraid to say no.  And don't be afraid to say yes.
26.  Listen to what your heart really wants
27.  Supporting one another is so important, so very important
28.  Relationships with your siblings can bring you so much joy and laughter.  Nurture these relationships
29.  The dirty dishes and unmade bed can wait.  Now is the time to be fully present with the ones you love
30.  Don't worry about what others think of you.  Just be true to yourself and let that shine through
31.  A good pair of jeans is hard to find.  When you find ones that fit you, buy two!
32.  Twinkle lights make the world a better place
33.  Living big, bold, and beautifully is the only way to do it. So be silly.  Reach higher.  And go after your dreams

Monday, October 28, 2013

and then the moment came

And there it was
The moment you knew
That this life, yes this one
Was all yours
The choices that are to be made are yours alone
What others think does not matter
All that is of importance is your heart
Your happiness
And the love you share with others

So step into this bold beautiful world
Hold your heart in the palm of your hands
Seek out the adventure
Find the peaceful spots where you can dream
Have daring conversations with others
Invite those who are sacred enough into your heart space
And share your story
Live out loud
And never apologize for wanting to reach, grow, and be

Thursday, October 24, 2013

go in, deep

You have been telling yourself time and time again that you are a writer, artist, photographer. . .
You say it in your head
Whisper it, and even speak it out loud sometimes
But are you living it
Are you submerged in this life that you are claiming for yourself
Do not just speak it
Live it, breathe, be it
Jump so deeply in it so that it becomes the only way you know

Monday, October 14, 2013

showing up

When I was younger I ran track and cross country.  I tore Nike Ads out of magazines and hung them on my bedroom wall.  When I wanted to switch them out I would carefully peel them off the wall and tape them into a spiral notebook.  It was the beginning of my obsession with inspirational words and collage journaling.  I didn't even realize that until this moment.  I wish I still had that spiral notebook. I can still picture some of the ad's in my mind.

I have had a love / hate relationship with running.  On again, off again.  Getting talked into doing different runs then regretting actually saying yes.  My most recent dabble into running began because I go to the gym at work during lunch time.  In the winter it is great . . . gets me away from my desk for a bit.  But when the warm weather hit I longed to be outside.  So I put on my sneakers, grabbed my headphones, and headed outside for a run.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

But beginning wasn't easy.  While I was running on constant replay in my mind was "I want to stop, I want to stop, I want to stop."  No matter how loud I turned up my music that soundtrack played on repeat.  But the warm sunshine and the fresh air kept bringing me back outside day after day.  Thank goodness for my obsession with sunshine.  It feels great to break up my day with a run and then head back inside to work.  I feel refreshed, and alive.

When I first started running again I wasn't as strong as I am now physically and mentally.  It took work and showing up day after day, even when I didn't want to show up.  Each step I take makes me stronger.  My mind hasn't played the "I want to stop" song in awhile, and that feels good.  To me running is a mind game.  Physically I can do it, but mentally I must work hard to get it done.

After I run I snap a photo to remind me that I can do it.  I can show up.  I can take the first step.  I can make it.  And I know that I will continue to get stronger.  But I must show up.

Where are you showing up these days?